Welcome to the New Home of the HTC!

We've officially launched the new Huntsville Track Club website with the help of Cedar Hills Media.

This was a big endeavor that took several years of planning and testing and we hope you'll be happy with what you find. We aren't transitioning ALL of the new tools we have planned, at least not at one time. Many things will function the same, just on a more modern management system. The biggest change (besides the appearance of course) is that we now have Online Registration! If you are a current member we have already imported your data into the system and you will receive an email/instructions in the next week or two telling you how to claim your registration and renew for 2017.

If you are NOT a member feel free to test out the new system and join! We are certain to find kinks in the system so please be patient with us. If you notice any problems, email the VP of Communications and let them know. The HTC board has been working tirelessly to get this website off the ground, and they will do their best to troubleshoot any problems that arise.

The rest of the information you depend on is still here and in a recognizable format. Your past race results are here, your Huntsville Track Club race calendar is here, your non-HTC races (as well as a submission form for new events) are listed here, and your past newsletters are here.

Poke around and let us know if there is anything we need to address!

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