HTC Awards Banquet - 14 November 2006


Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Anne Park (Secretary), Dink and Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Members—Rocket City Marathon and Cotton Row Run Directors), Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment), Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed Member—Past Officer)


Also present were approximately 72 Huntsville Track Club Members and guests.


The Huntsville Track Club Awards Banquet was held at the Lodge at Monte Sano in Huntsville, Alabama, on November 14, 2006, at 6:00 p.m. The meeting opened at 7:00 by president, David Purinton, with words of welcome to all members and guests in attendance.  David then thanked Ashley Cain for all the work involved in organizing the banquet; he also had special thanks for Clare for her efforts in having the plaques remade on the day of the banquet.


The following 2006 Annual Awards were then presented:


Service Award - Presented to Nesin Therapy by Ashley Cain

Appreciation Award – Presented to Mark Shahan of the Huntsville Police Department by Craig Armstrong

Media Award – Presented to Star 99/Mark Hunter by Beth Benefield


Clare Purinton then gave a moving tribute to Earl Jacoby for his remarkable dedication to the HTC and the cause of running through his tireless volunteer efforts even when faced with physically overwhelming difficulties.  Earl’s name has been submitted for nomination as the Rod Steele Outstanding Volunteer for 2006 in the RRCA National Awards competition.  Clare then presented Earl’s daughter with a plaque in honor of her father.


Male Outstanding HTC High School Cross Country Runner Award – Mark Fisher, presented by Jim Oaks

Female HTC High School Cross Country Runner Award - Gwen Kyser, presented by Jim Oaks

Admiration Award – Grady Edwards, presented by Suzanne Taylor

Tom Bolt (President's) Award – Wayne & Joyce Smith, presented by David Purinton

Dedication Award – Jim Oaks, presented by Craig Armstrong

Norm Harris Achievement Award – John DeHaye, presented by Harold Tinsley

Female Performance Award - Candace Jacobs, presented by Kathy Youngren

Male Performance Award – George DeWitt, presented by DeWayne Satterfield

Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award Nominee - Harold Tinsley, presented by David Purinton

HTC Best T-Shirt Award - Cotton Row Run Shirt, presented by David Purinton


DeWayne Satterfield then presented Grand Prix Awards to the Male and Female Overall winners: Donald Bowman, David Purinton, Candace Jacobs and  Brook Pruitt; Male and Female Masters winners:  DeWayne Satterfield, Marty Clarke, Gail Whelan, and Jennie Rountree; and Male and Female Grandmaster’s winners: Brimmer Sherman, Richard Rodenhausen, and Anne Park.


David then closed the meeting after again thanking Ashley for her planning and hard work involving the awards dinner.  The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.