HTC Executive Board Meeting – 16 October 2007

Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), Anne Park (Secretary), Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Rocket City Marathon Director), Dink Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Cotton Row Run Director), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment)


Board Members Absent: Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed Member—Past Officer)


Also present was Huntsville Track Club Member Malcolm Gillis.


The HTC Executive Board met at the Wellness Center in Jones Valley, Huntsville, Alabama, and the meeting began at 7:05 p.m.  David gave the floor to Suzanne, and she brought the Board up-to-date regarding 2007 Rocket City Marathon progress.  The registration numbers are up significantly from last year and we may need to issue an alert if we get close to the 1500 entry limit for this race. The Holiday Inn has also been sold out early on.  Suzanne has scheduled a meeting tomorrow regarding needed course changes on Governor’s Drive and Airport Road and she will discuss possible changes with Sergeant Shahan and the city traffic engineer, which will then be agreed upon and measurements taken.  So far all aspects of the race are coming along well.


Suzanne opened a discussion with the Board involving consideration of earmarking a HTC race for charitable purposes.  The HTC has been contributing to non-profit groups, usually race related, as we have had excess monies from races, but Suzanne felt that the Huntsville community would be more aware of HTC contributions by having a charity connected with a race.  There were some problems noted which would have to be taken into consideration before changing our policy regarding donating funds as we have been doing versus advertising a race as being for the profit of a charity or non-profit organization.  Since Suzanne and the Board feel there is a recognized need to give even more back to our community, this was agreed upon as being something to pursue further sometime in the future.  The subject was temporarily tabled.


The Board has been looking into a request from Team Blake to participate in the 2007 Rocket City Marathon.  Team Blake consists of a gentleman who has participated in several races in which he pushes his disabled son in a stroller.  Suzanne has done much research and made many calls to determine whether it would be feasible for Team Blake to participate in our 2007 marathon.  Everything seemed positive in light of Team Blake’s past race participation, safety issues along the Rocket City Marathon route, insurance coverage, and the fact that they will have a runner escort to run the entire race with them.  Harold did point out many factors involving safety and liability which the board discussed.  As a result, several stipulations were agreed upon: both father and son would have to officially enter the race, each would have to sign a waiver specifically created to address the particular issues involved, we would need to inform Team Blake of all possible hazards on the course, they would need to start in the back of the pack, and the other runners would need to be informed at the race start of their participation.  David will create appropriate waivers for the Board members to examine and revise.  Suzanne made a motion that we allow Team Blake to participate in the 2007 Rocket City Marathon under all the above conditions in addition to 1) approval of the waivers and above conditions by Gary Grace and 2) Team Blake’s participation being acceptable with parade permit requirements.  Anne seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


There was then a discussion involving finding a new director for the 2008 15k race.  Two people have stepped forward to possibly assume that responsibility and the Board will look into both possibilities and determine what would work out best.  Since Marty Clarke was one who volunteered, David proposed that we examine the feasibility of incorporating the annual middle school track meet into our All Comers Meet, which Marty is presently directing, in order that area middle schoolers would have the benefit of a well-run event.  There are many factors to consider, but it seems to be a favorable possibility.  Harold suggested that it could be an Invitational, with the All Comers Meet also available after the middle school meet for those who might not come under the Invitational requirements.  This would open the event to even more area middle schoolers.  The Board agreed to pursue this further after David makes some calls to the two possible directors of the 2008 15k and obtains more information regarding our possible involvement in a middle school track meet.


Harold was then asked about problems with the RRCA, and he referred the Board to an email that he had distributed detailing governance problems with the RRCA Board.  We will be watching closely to see how this situation unfolds. 


Since we will be having election of officers in January for another two-year term for HTC Board Members, David will appoint the nominating committee with the approval of the Board for this purpose as stated in the HTC Constitution. 


The next item on the agenda was the 2007 HTC Award recipients.  The Board discussed each award, and after determining the desired qualifications for each category, recipients were proposed and voted on.  The Awards Banquet will be held on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the Monte Sano Lodge.


There was no further business, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.