HTC Executive Board Meeting – 25 September 2006

Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Anne Park (Secretary), Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment), Dink and Suzanne Taylor, (Appointed Members—Rocket City Marathon and Cotton Row Run Directors), Ashley Cain (VP-Programs)


Board Members Absent: Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed Member—Past Officer)


The HTC Executive Board met in the conference room at Southwood Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, and the meeting began at 6:35 p.m.  Craig reported that all the particulars for the upcoming Endurance 50 have been ironed out and finalized, and everything is in place to assist Dean Karnazes in his running of the Rocket City Marathon course on October 12, 2006.


Suzanne displayed a sample of the mile markers that Fleet Feet is considering buying for the marathon, which can also be used for other races.  They would be stored in the Marathon/Cotton Row Run shed.  David suggested that the HTC go 50/50 with Fleet Feet on this purchase.  Suzanne will put together a list of the markers that we need and calculate the cost, to enable the board to then make a decision concerning this.


The 2006 Rocket City Marathon preparations are proceeding well with an increase in the number already registered compared to this time last year.  Suzanne is making preliminary contacts with airlines to determine whether we can get fare discounts, considering the many out-of-town runners we draw for this race.  Sponsorship for the marathon is at the same level and in fact even better than what we had at this point last year.


David noted that that the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham is using “chip time” to determine age group awards.  David contacted the Mercedes Marathon race director to inquire why they are using “chip time” when the USATF requires use of “gun time.”  No answer was provided other than they are using “gun time” for prize money.  David noted that races with a USATF sanction are not allowed to use “chip time” for the purpose of awards or prize money.


The next item on the agenda was the 2006 HTC Award recipients.  There was a brief discussion regarding the purpose for giving awards and whether we should give awards in all categories.  It was agreed that we would assess each category on its own merit.  The Board then discussed and agreed on each award and its recipient.


Craig brought up our need for another clock for races, as the two we have are very old and only one of them works properly but it could malfunction at any time.  After some discussion, Craig agreed to research this and get some prices for the board to consider.


There was a short discussion involving the Shoe Amnesty Program and the problems involved in shipping shoes to Nike. Suzanne and Anne have been in contact with Soles4Souls, an organization which distributes shoes overseas to the very poor and those who otherwise have no shoes to wear.  Suzanne has volunteered to collect and store the shoes, and Soles4Souls will come and pick them up, thus eliminating the mailing process.  Anne and Suzanne are considering switching over to the new program by the end of 2006.


Ashley announced that the HTC picnic will be held on October 22 from 2:00 to 4:00 at the Monte Sano pavilion, and that the HTC Awards Banquet will be held on November 14 at the Monte Sano Lodge.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.