HTC Board Meeting Minutes - 23 September 2002



Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), David Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Clare Purinton (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Jim Oaks (Appointed member – Cotton Row Director), and Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member – Marathon Director), John Roberts (Appointed Member).

Guests Present:  Louise Tinsley.



  • David Purinton commenced the meeting at 6:30 PM.


  • David presented the costs involved in renewing the club’s internet domain name which expires on 28 January 2003.  It was decided unanimously to renew our domain name for a five (5) year term at a cost of $105.  This takes advantage of a purchase four (4) years and get the fifth (5th) free deal with Verisign.


  • Donations to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens in relation to the Galaxy of Lights 5K was discussed.  David took an action item to discuss the situation with race director Janet Duncan.  It was suggested that a donation amount be determined after all race costs are determined and with consideration for the percentage of work done on the race by the HTC and the Garden.


  • Malcolm gave an update on the marathon.  Things are progressing well.  Malcolm stated that he is preparing a special entry blank for wheelchair athletes in the event that we have a request for entry.  The entry will spell out that this course is not conducive to wheelchair participation given the number of sharp turns and rough pavement areas on the course.  The event will also be exhibition only.


  • The topic of notifying neighborhood of HTC events was discussed.  David took and action item to send the city a public notice to be posted on cable channel 42 (gov’t access) to notify residents of the city when and where an upcoming event would be held.  It was decided that door-to-door notification by flyer would be cost prohibitive as well as too manpower intensive to be done at this time.


  • Continued trouble with the RRCA was discussed.  David and Harold presented an outline of events and personalities involved to the board.  All board members had recently received a letter from RRCA Board Member John Calotta inquiring as to the authorship and signatures appearing on a letter sent from the HTC Board to the RRCA Board.  Previous to the board meeting David sent an email to all board members asking that they hold off on any reply to Calotta until after the board had a chance to meet.  It was learned that Malcolm had already replied to Calotta.  It was decided that no further response from any board member was deemed necessary as all board members were in agreement with the contents of the letter.


  • The topic of recognizing member Norman Harris for his years of service to the club was discussed.  It was unanimously decided to bestow a lifetime honorary membership to Norman; the annual HTC award previously known as the Outstanding Achievement Award will be renamed the Norman Harrris Achievement Award; and the club would recognize Norman at the 2002 Annual Awards Banquet with the presentation of a plaque and recognition of all he has done for the club.


  • Focus of the meeting was now put upon determination and selection of awards and recipients to be given at this year’s Annual Awards Banquet.  Once all awards and recipients were determined presenters were selected.


  • All the attendees were polled for any further issues and none being found the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.