HTC Executive Board Meeting – 23 July 2007

Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Anne Park (Secretary), Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Rocket City Marathon Director), Dink Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Cotton Row Run Director), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment)


Board Members Absent: Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed Member—Past Officer)


Also present were Dave Bonwit, Mike Dahl and Huntsville Track Club Member, Wanda Franklin.


The HTC Executive Board met in the Lodge at Southwood Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, and HTC president David Purinton opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m.  He then gave the floor to guests Dave, Mike and Wanda, who presented a request regarding the HTC 5k race which will be held in conjunction with the Half Marathon on November 10, 2007.  On that weekend, November 10-12 the U.S. Marine Corp will be celebrating their 231st birthday, and as part of their local celebration they would like to have approximately 30 of their wounded warriors participate in our 5k race.  These Marines have experienced catastrophic war wounds but are recovering and on active duty.  There was much discussion regarding the specifics of the 5k race, and the following points were agreed upon as possibly being incorporated in this venture:


·         The race would be called the Heroes Run.

·         Battery K of the Marine Corp would help staff the run with as many volunteers as are needed, and the remaining Marines would run with the warriors in the race.

·         We would reverse the race starts so that the 5k would start first, and allowing for adequate safety on the route, the Half Marathon would then follow.

·         The wounded warriors could start along with the rest of the race participants.  It was determined that the width of the road would allow the possible discrepancy in pace to be a non issue from a safety standpoint.

·         Medals would be provided for each wounded warrior participating in the run and would be presented during the awards ceremony.

·         Sergeant Shahan of the Huntsville Police Department has agreed to cooperate with our efforts to provide for the safety of all participants.

·         This could possibly become a recurring event depending on its initial success.


These ideas and others will be worked through as actual race plans are made.  Dave Purinton moved that we accept this proposal for a Heroes Run, Dink Taylor seconded the motion, and approval was unanimous.


There was a short discussion involving a race to honor former track club member, Earl Jacoby.  The board had considered this at a previous meeting and agreed that the 2008 UAH Spring Road Race would be ideal for this purpose.  We would keep the name of the race as is, and a donation would be to the Huntsville Dialysis Center in Earl’s memory.  The UAH Fitness center has agreed to open their facilities for our use for this event, and Dink suggested that if we run the course backward it would lend itself well to this new starting location.  Again, actual race plans will be decided upon with Conrad Meyer, race director, as the race date approaches.


Suzanne distributed an updated expense sheet from the Memorial Day Cotton Row Run, and it appears that the race will realize an approximate $5,000 overage when all figures are in.  Suzanne has compiled a step-by-step timeline regarding preparations for this particular race so that a new race director could readily take up these responsibilities. 


Reporting on the 2008 Rocket City Marathon, Suzanne plans to have registration forms ready by the September Monte Sano Road Races, and all other race preparations are up-to-date so far.  Dink, Suzanne and Todd White are pursuing some interesting possibilities regarding a guest speaker.  Hopefully Nike will become our title sponsor by covering the cost of the shirts; all 2006 sponsors are again committed for the 2007 race.  This year there will be a need for a slight course change on Airport Road to accommodate a church function.


Harold briefly reported that there may be some problems with the present RRCA management, and he will continue to monitor how situations are being handled.  He also pointed out that USATF now has a rule in place which outlaws all headphones during sanctioned events races.  This rule allows for the disqualification of participants found in violation of the rule.


The next item of business was a request from Carl Smith regarding HTC policy concerning using club equipment for non-club races.  It needs to be made clear who will be responsible for computer equipment if there is a problem during usage.  After discussing different options, the board decided that computers should be rented in the same way as all other club equipment (although we will continue to be very restrictive in renting them out).  The board agreed that a $25 charge for each computer rental would give the club a “rental agreement” with the person renting the equipment, which would protect our interests regarding damage and loss.  In this way, the renter of the computer equipment could then make arrangements to pass on any repair or replacement costs to those responsible for the non-club race, depending on what kind of computer problems surface during that use.  The board also agreed to document all computer equipment that we own in order to be able to update or replace pieces as needed.  And along that same line, Craig requested that we also compile a list of all other equipment that we have.


It was again brought to the board’s attention that there is a movement underway to charge fees to organizations that require police protection during their events.  This has been an ongoing issue but it seems to finally be coming close to being implemented.  Our club does have excellent arguments as to why our events should be excluded from this policy but we also realize that we can’t expect to be treated as an exception.  Harold suggested that when the charging of fees becomes fact we should insist on some kind of credit from the city based on tax income and the tremendous benefit our activities provide to the city, monetary and otherwise, and we could then apply that credit to the fees that we are charged.  David is closely watching the city’s board meeting activities, and Craig also has a source who will alert him before any fees are to be implemented so that we can discuss with the city how it will effect the club and the activities we supply as a service to residents.


As the VP of Races and Equipment, Craig has brought to the board his frustration with club members’ use of the equipment in our storage sheds.  We previously made an attempt to limit the number of keys that are circulating, but equipment is not being returned promptly after use and the few keys that are out are not being returned in a timely manner.  Our attempts to make our equipment rental process as convenient as possible is not being met with an attempt on the part of some who are using the equipment to cooperate.  Users don’t seem to realize the problems engendered by their haphazard return of equipment and keys, and how their lax attitude causes great difficulty and concern to those responsible for providing needed items to other users.  The board discussed different possibilities that might bring this system under control.


Another piece of business involved David’s mention that, unlike previous years, after the 2005 Liz Hurley Ribbon Run we did not return to the Liz Hurley Foundation some of our proceeds from the race as we had done after the 2004 event.  After a brief discussion Craig moved and David seconded the motion that we return $2,500 each from the 2005 and 2006 races in two separate checks, which will alert the Liz Hurley Foundation that we are continuing our contributions in the same manner as previously.  The motion was passed.


It was agreed by the board that a Harold and Louise Tinsley Scholarship be awarded to Gwen Kyser, who will be entering UAH in the fall and running on their cross country team.  This motion was made by Craig and seconded by Kathy, with all present voting yes.


Suzanne brought to the board’s attention the fact that the Big Spring Jam 5k might be discontinued and there will be no 2007 race unless the HTC steps forward and conducts the race.  The city is still willing to fund the race in the amount of $5,000; however, it’s questionable whether free tickets to the Jam would still be given out to the first 500 participants.  The board agreed that without those tickets the race would only draw a fraction of the runners as in past races.  It also would be improbable that we could find a race director and set up the race at this late date.  After some discussion it was determined that if we could get Lou Hovatter to agree to direct the race once more and if we could make some arrangement with the Big Spring Jam to provide free tickets, perhaps in exchange for using their name to advertise the Jam, then we could continue the race in 2007.  We would then have time to decide about a 2008 race, and to find a race director.  Dave will talk to Lou about her willingness to once more direct the race for 2007.


Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.