Minutes of 8 Jul 2002 HTC Executive Board Meeting



Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Clare Purinton (Secretary), John Roberts (Appointed Member), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member – Marathon Director), and Jim Oaks (Appointed Member – Cotton Row Director).


Guests Present:  Louise Tinsley.


Board Members Absent:  David Cain (VP-Programs), Richard Rodenhausen (VP-Races & Equipment), Kris Whorton (Treasurer)




  • David Purinton who had spoken with race director, Janet Duncan, reported on the Huntsville Botanical Gardens 5K.  It was stated that the race course was soon to be certified by John DeHaye and that sponsors were being approached.


  • David reported that the start time of the Monte Sano 15K may need to be adjusted due to a request from the Huntsville Police Department.  David said that he would talk with Sergeant Jim Smith later in the week to finalize the start time.


  • David also passed along a request from Huntsville Hospital, sponsors of Autumn Chase, that we change the race date to September 26, 2002.  Last year the county schools were out on break in accordance with the revised school schedule.  Huntsville City Schools has since adopted this modified year round schedule and would be affected this year.  The new date was agreed upon.


  • A discussion on how to notify residents of street closings was begun.  The city Parks and Recreation Department has requested a written plan of how the HTC will manage this task.  It was decided that race directors would write a notice to be broadcast on the city community access channel.  We will also look in to having the Huntsville Times report closings. 


  • David gave a short update on the current goings on in the RRCA.  He presented a letter he has drafted to the RRCA Executive Director.  He is seeking the signatures of other RRCA club presidents for the letter.


  • Malcolm Gillis proposed that the Rocket City Marathon increase its fee structure by $5.00 to help absorb the cost of offering participant photos free of charge.  It was approved that the fee for September would be $30, October would be $35, and November $40.  The registration fee for the night before the race remains at $60.  It was felt that this increase was minimal and still keeps the cost of Rocket City below entry fees of other marathons around the country.


  • Additionally, the feasibility of accommodating wheelchair athletes on our current Rocket City Marathon course was discussed.  The HTC has received requests from wheelchair athletes and the City of Huntsville Police and Parks and Recreation Department are committed to assisting the track club in providing for these athletes.  It was determined that John Roberts would be the liaison between the HTC and the city attorney’s office.


  • The meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM