HTC Executive Board Meeting – 11 May 2004


Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Dick Franklin (VP-Races & Equipment), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member—Cotton Row Director), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member—Rocket City Marathon Director). 


Board members absent: Anne Park (Secretary), Craig Armstrong (Appointed Member-Past Officer)


The meeting was held at Southwood Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, and began at 7:15 p.m.


Jim Oaks provided a brief update on the Cotton Row Run.  Efforts on the event are progressing on schedule and there are no problems foreseen at this point.  Entries for this year are running slightly ahead of entries for last year at the same time until race.


Malcolm Gillis has been talking to Sgt. Shahan of the Huntsville Police Department, Traffic Services Department about the event permit for the marathon.  A question was posed about the impact that proposed construction of a rotary at the south end of Bailey Cove could have on the race.  To date Malcolm has not gotten any information on this but will look into it.  It was suggested he talk to Lou Hovatter with the Recreation and Landscape Management Department as well as someone in the city engineer’s office as they have in the past provided information to the club on road construction issues.


David Purinton gave an update on the volunteer forms placed in race packets for the Re-Creation Run.  To date there have not been any returned.  Dick Franklin inquired as to whether we would include the volunteer forms in Cotton Row Packets.  It was decided to do this and Dick will have a suitable number of forms printed.


HTC members Kris and Randy Whorton requested usage of some HTC equipment for putting on a race in Etowah, Tennessee.  The requested equipment generally requires payment of a rental fee.  Given the Whorton’s membership in the club and the work they have done for the club in the past a motion was made and passed to waive the rental fee.


Next was a discussion on a proposed entry fee increase for the half marathon.  Race director Sheryl Dummer had asked for entry fees to be raised for the half marathon from the current $12/15/20 structure to $15/20/25.  Also proposed was an increase in 5K fees from the current $9/12 to $10/12/15.  The impetus behind the proposal was to ensure the race remain financially in the black.  Last year a deal which allowed shirts to be purchased at a reduced cost may not be available this year.  It was also desired to increase the number of portable toilets available at the race.  The board examined the profit from the race last year and estimated the possible increase in expenses from the two items previously mentioned.  It was determined that the profit margin from last year should be suitable to cover the possible increases.  Also discussed was the possibility of raising the day of race entry fees to encourage early registration.  A motion was made and passed to leave the entry fees as is.


David expressed his desire to have a race directors meeting to allow race directors and the board to discuss items effecting HTC events.  A date in early June will be examined.  Jim asked that part of the meeting deal with RunScore and that race directors be asked to learn the software to allow them to operate more independently with regards to race entries.


Kathy Youngren presented an outline of the forms filed on behalf of the HTC for federal tax purposes.  The board examined the forms (990-EZ and various attached schedules) and various questions were asked.  Primarily questions revolved around how to properly record income and expenses from races.  Discussion on the taxes led to a discussion of having an audit of HTC finances by an outside auditor.  Kathy remarked that she has been looking into what an audit entails and feels that before we undergo an audit the club should first improve our method of internal controls, or recording of income and expenses more closely.  Kathy noted that often the financial reports from race directors do not provide sufficient detail to track the source of income, be it race entry fees or sponsorship.  David commented that he had created a form for race directors to use to report race income and expenses that would better outline income sources and had been previously supplied to race directors.  David will resend this to all race directors so that they can begin to use it as the information requested is necessary for club tax purposes and to ensure that the club can account for the source and destination of all monies.


David next provided comments he received upon querying race directors their opinion of board oversight of races.  Comments ranged from the current level of oversight is desired to less oversight being desired.  The reasoning for board oversight was discussed.  It was remarked that the club races have been around prior to most of the current slate of race directors and will hopefully be around for sometime to come.  As such there must be a central structure in place to maintain continuity as race directors change.  The board must also weigh the complete HTC race calendar as a whole and how it affects the club as a whole rather than as a conglomeration of totally separate events.  It was also commented that board oversight was originally generated at the request of race directors to remove responsibility from themselves for some aspects of the events.  This topic was noted as one that will need to be addressed at the race directors meeting.


David passed along a proposal from Craig Armstrong that the club examine its current inventory of equipment and identify any that might be outdated, in disrepair, or additional equipment that we might need to secure.  Dick Franklin was asked to examine our current equipment for anything that is in disrepair.  Dick commented that the race directors should be asked to provide feedback on what they would like to see improved and/or added.


David asked the board to revisit the suggestions presented at the last meeting by Joe Francica on behalf of the committee on volunteerism and club marketing.  David remarked that he had identified a number of suggestions that he felt are worth pursuing.  He asked the rest of the board to examine the suggestions and provide comments/questions/suggestions as well.


Some general items discussed in the meeting were:

Race directors should be reminded that they need retain all race waivers for a period of 5-7 years after the event.  Race stringers and finish cards need only be kept for a short period after the race to allow for questions about results to be answered.


Malcolm Gillis indicated that DoItSports has been absorbed by Active.COM.  DoItSports will now submit race entry fee payments on a two week schedule used by Active.COM.


Ashley Cain made a proposal that the Women’s Distance Festival race be used as a fundraiser for UAH Athletics.  As race director she would solicit sponsors as a method on fund raising rather than increasing entry fees.  It was remarked that currently the Eurocross race proceeds go directly to the UAH cross-country team.  In addition the club has for several years been a hole sponsor of the UAH cross-country team golf tournament.  While deemed a worthy recipient of funds it was thought that only one HTC race should be designated as a UAH Athletics fundraiser.  Also brought to light was the fact that the UAH 10K has been asked to relocated off campus as well as the fact that the club has in years past sent a number of scholarships to UAH.  It was remarked that while highly desirable the club has to date not had any scholarship recipients return to club events such as the Scholarship Fund Run.  The proposal was tabled until the current race director of Eurocross, Keith Roberts, could be contacted to get his thoughts on this matter.  Board members were asked to develop proposals for a fair division of race funds if the WDF 5K is used as a fund raiser for UAH Athletics.


It was remarked that the club should be cautious in using races as a fund raiser for various charities.  While the club desires to be a good member of the community it must be remembered that the club itself is a non-profit charity with its own mission of providing citizens of this community an outlet to exercise via running and to promote fitness through that activity.


There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.