HTC Executive Board Meeting Minutes – 5 May 2003


Board Members Present: David Purinton (President), David Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Anne Park (Secretary), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member-Cotton Row Director), John Roberts (Appointed Member), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member-Rocket City Marathon Director)


Board Members Absent:  Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Richard Rodenhausen (VP-Races & Equipment)


The meeting began at 7:15 p.m.


David opened the meeting by reminding us that we need to be prepared in case we are called upon by the Huntsville City Council to defend our free use of police support for races.  Because of the loss of a portion of their grant funds and the deployment of many of the Police Department backup personnel to Iraq, the city is examining areas where expenses can be cut.  Members of the board pointed out that Huntsville has reaped substantial benefits from our races over and above the expenses incurred.  Harold gave a brief history of how this issue has surfaced over the years and how we have been able to convince past city officials of the monetary gain and tourism benefits our races bring to Huntsville.  A 1992 Mobile survey also supports our position.  There is also some evidence that small charity run/walks may have overtaxed city resources and put our better run HTC races in an unfavorable light.  It was suggested that we gather and compile information to present to the City Council if and when needed.


The date of the 15K race was again discussed, and new information regarding the A&M Homecoming, our pavilion reservations, and the race director’s preference, resulted in the decision that the 15K race date would be the second Saturday in October. 


The AARC will be holding their business meeting in Atlanta the second weekend in June.  A motion was made and passed that Handbook instructions regarding payment for the HTC President to attend the RRCA yearly meeting would this year apply to the AARC meeting instead.  Harold briefly informed the board as to the RRCA status and it was agreed to keep an open mind as to how the two organizations could possibly come together in the future.


There was a discussion regarding one of the Botanical Garden sponsors of the Galaxy of Lights Run and the appearance of their name on the back of the race T-shirt.  In view of a past problem within the HTC regarding the acceptance of a beverage sponsor dealing with alcoholic beverages, it was agreed that we talk with the race director to explain our position with the Botanical Garden representative.  It has generally been the policy of the HTC to avoid sponsorship from companies dealing in alcoholic beverages due to the family nature of our events.


The board reviewed the resume of Aalok Sharma regarding his request to receive a Huntsville Track Club scholarship as he attends Birmingham Southern University in the fall.  A brief overview of the scholarship details and the present scholarship recipients resulted in a motion to award Aalok an annual scholarship up to a maximum of 4 years.  The motion was passed.


It has become necessary to overhaul the HTC Articles of Incorporation to comply with 501(c)(3) requirements of the Internal Revenue Code to obtain IRS non-profit status through the AARC Group Exemption.  Harold gave an overview of the original Articles drawn up in 1971 and pointed out the following amendments that need to be made to meet the current IRS requirements and to bring the Articles of Incorporation up to date with the changes to the HTC Constitution/Bylaws that have made since 1971 and the current status of the club:


Amend Article III of the Articles of Incorporation concerning purposes to include those currently in the HTC Constitution (see the HTC Handbook and/or HTC Website) with the following additions:  Add paragraph one, which is the IRS required "Organizational Test".  Add the following sentence to the third paragraph, "This organization shall also utilize email and provide a website to distribute information to the interested public."  Add the following paragraph as paragraph 8, "This organization shall administer and promote a scholarship fund to support education and participation in the sport at the university level."  Add the following paragraph as paragraph 9, "This organization shall acquire the necessary equipment to conduct running events conducted by this organization and provide a means by which this equipment can be made available to schools, local government and other charitable organizations."


Amend Article IV of the Articles of Incorporation to reflect the current membership classes.


Amend Article VI of the Articles of Incorporation to reflect the current 9 member Board of Directors.


Amend the Articles of Incorporation to include Article VIII concerning "other provision".  Article VIII includes four paragraphs which are the IRS required clauses for "No Net Earnings", No Propaganda", Notwithstanding" and "Dissolution".


The above changes to our Articles of Incorporation will be submitted to our membership for a vote on Monday, May 19, 2003.  Members will receive meeting information by mail, which will include the revised Articles of Incorporation.  The original Articles of Incorporation will be posted on the HTC web site along with the updated Articles of Incorporation for those members who wish to do a comparison..


The topic of discussion then moved to establishing guidelines for race awards.  After reviewing different possibilities, the board decided that for non-prize money races, if a masters runner wins the overall race they shall be awarded the open category winners award, and the second master overall will then be awarded the first place masters award, unless that person also places within the award-receiving positions in the open category.  The same policy will hold if a master runner places in any award-receiving open category position, i.e. the masters runner will receive the open category award only.


However, for prize money races, a masters runner will be eligible for both prize money in the open and masters categories.  A masters runner will not forfeit masters prize money due to being awarded open prize money.


The board also agreed that race directors may use their discretion as to the disposal of excess race shirts, food, etc. purchased with HTC funds, with the understanding that excess race amenities shall in no way financially benefit the race director.  Race directors will notify the club president as to their disposal of extra race amenities.


Jim Oaks gave an update of the progress of the Cotton Row Run.  As of now entries are on par with those received by this date in 2002.  Race preparations are going very well, and T-shirts are being printed.  Jim also brought the board up-to-date regarding computers bought and sold for the HTC, and the board approved of an approximate expense of $250 per year for the last seven years for computer needs.


There was no further business, and David adjourned the meeting at 9:00 p.m.