HTC Executive Board Meeting - 18 April 2006

Board Members Present:David Purinton (President), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Anne Park (Secretary), Jim Oaks (Appointed MemberóCotton Row Director), Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment) Suzanne Taylor, (Appointed MemberóRocket City Marathon Director).


Members Absent: Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed MemberóPast Officer)†††


Also present was Louise Tinsley, Huntsville Track Club Member.

The HTC Executive Board met in the conference room at Southwood Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, and began at 6:40 p.m.Jim began the meeting with an update of the Cotton Row Run preparations.Total entries so far are similar to this time last year except that many new runners who did not participate in previous years have signed up, and female entries are up in the 5k.Next Thursday, April 26, the committee will have their first meeting.The course will not need re-measuring but we will need sponsor feedback for next year.Cele Coyle will be stepping down as packet coordinator, but Kim Possert has agreed to take over that responsibility in 2007.Although arrangements for the Saturday evening meeting before the race have not yet been finalized, Jim encouraged us all to talk this up as it will be a very enjoyable evening and a good opportunity for the club to get together.


Suzanne then presented an update of the 2006 marathon.We have a new marathon logo and the website is also being updated.Craig mentioned that the website needs to list the parameters we have set in the past concerning elite athletes.He has been getting calls about this.Several sponsorships have been confirmed and others are being worked on.The hotel is booked for 2006 and 2007, but other options are also being assessed.The board took a vote regarding course changes, and the vote passed.†† Fleet Feet will be purchasing new mile markers with Beth Edwards looking into what's available.The board went over the income/outflow statement regarding the 2005 marathon and discussed the items listed.Although the marathon came out in the red, that was as expected, and a few adjustments will change the numbers, including the donation rather than purchase of food.Craig moved that we raise our entry fees by $5 on each level for 2006, Suzanne seconded the motion, and the motion carried.It was also agreed that we should keep our standards high so that we continue to maintain the exceptional quality of this race.


Captain Stew Moon has contacted Suzanne requesting our help in organizing a marathon in Afghanistan as a boost to troop morale and as something to look forward to that will brighten up an otherwise difficult time for our men stationed there.Basically he wants our advice with race coordination and he would appreciate our sending items left over from our 2005 marathon.We have also agreed to provide a start/finish banner.Suzanne has received word that Dean Karnazes will arrive in Huntsville on October 12 to run the Rocket City Marathon course as part of the Endurance 50 -- 50 marathons/50 States/50 consecutive days.This will involve national media exposure and each marathon being highlighted in Runner's World.Fleet Feet will pay for police support for two officers for four hours.Craig made a motion that the Track Club reimburse Fleet Feet for this expense, Jim seconded the motion, and the motion carried unanimously.


David asked for feedback from those attending the recent RRCA convention.Several items were mentioned:

         Race directors need to retain waivers for three years.

         We should have HEMSI at all races.

         We need copies of vendor insurance at races.

         Each race director should have a copy of an incident report on hand so that if one needs to be filled out it will be readily available.This brought up the possible need for our club to have an attorney available to assist if an incident arises.We explored several angles concerning this, but nothing definite was decided.


There were a few brief items needing discussion: We again reviewed the RRCA Roads Scholar Program, and David moved that we again contribute $500 as we did last year.Craig seconded the motion and it was passed.Harold then mentioned that he received an email asking whether we have Corporate Memberships available.Since we don't have these at present we discussed the possibility and what would be involved, and the final decision was to rule it out for now.David also received a request from the Huntsville Young Professionals regarding assistance with a road race on their annual field day.David will work with them personally to help them with the race.Another brief item involved whether or not our club would be interested in purchasing "Share the Road" license plates.It was determined that our membership is not large enough to purchase even the minimum plates required, and Jim suggested we pass this opportunity on to Ron Macksoud, Alabama State Representative for the RRCA, as something he might find worthwhile to pursue.


There was a discussion involving the UAH Track Team and their need for funds to support their team and how we could help with this need.Jim mentioned that it would be a legitimate way for the Track Club to promote running by donating to the UAH team.Harold suggested that rather than using funds from races, it would be better to give a donation from our general fund.Craig felt that in appreciation for our monetary help, it would be great if the UAH Track Team came as a team to some of our races with their enthusiasm, support and help, which would result in benefiting each of us.Jim did point out that often their season conflicts with our races.It was suggested that a scholarship or a sponsorship of one particular student would be appropriate, and Suzanne pointed out that one can usually find one student who needs help more than others.David will discuss with David Cain what would work best for them and what rules there might be concerning contributions that we need to take into account.


David mentioned that the numbers are up for this Saturday's ReCreation Run.Craig moved that we add an award category for Males 70-74 and one for Males 75+, both two deep.Harold seconded the motion and the motion passed.


Harold mentioned a request he received to collect our membership dues on line.We determined that although this might be more convenient, it would not increase our membership, and much of the work involved with our present system would still need to be done.It was decided that it was not worth the expense, and that if what we're doing works for the present, don't change it.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45.