HTC Executive Board Meeting


28 February 2012


Board Members Present:  Eric Fritz (President), Harold Tinsley (VP – Communications), Brandi Hough (VP – Programs), Dink Taylor (VP – Races & Equipment), Joey Butler (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member – Past Board Member) and Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member – Co- Rocket City Marathon Director).


The Huntsville Track Club held an executive board meeting on Tuesday February 28, 2012 at the home of Dink and Suzanne Taylor.  Eric opened the meeting at 7:00 pm.


The meeting opened with an update on Don Hediger who was struck by a car during the Rocket City Marathon.  Now that Don is out of the hospital, Eric will contact his wife to check on his progress and see if there is anything else the HTC can do to help him out.


Next topic was the 15K.  The RRCA asked if the HTC was interested in hosting the 15K state championships.  Mike O’Melia has filled out the required paperwork and the HTC will be the host in 2012.  The board discussed certifying a back up course in the event of heavy fog on race day.  Several options were discussed.  The board will check with John DeHaye to get his opinion on the backup course.


Jim and Eric attend a meeting with the city concerning John Hunt Park.  Eric briefed the board on the city’s plans.  None of the plans should affect the running park though it could affect the parking for the HTC Summer XC runs. 


Suzanne, Jim, and Eric attended a Liz Hurley meeting.  Concerns were raised about the size of the race though the hospital foundation does not want to restrict entries.  They discussed moving up the start of the race by 30 minutes.  They also discussed moving packet pickup somewhere else that could better handle the large volume of entries.  And minor course changes were discussed which would allow more space for runners to line up prior to the race.


Next topic was race timing.  Eric had a meeting with an HTC member who is interested in timing all HTC races.  This member has a different timing system than we currently use.  Jim explained how that works.  The member is going to help with the UAH 10K to get an idea of how we do timing now.   Jim also gave an update on how the River City timing system worked at Mountain Mist.  Jim indicated that it really helped with the split times.


The board discussed having a standard template for HTC race flyers to make sure they are all up to HTC standards.  Also talked about having a consistent place for online registration.  Brandi will schedule a race director’s meeting in the spring to further discuss these and other issues.


The next topic dealt with the HTC website.  The board would like to update the current website.  The board discussed what we wanted in a website, requirements for the website, Facebook and Twitter integration, and how to get member ideas for the website.  Eric is going to get a couple of quotes from web developers.