HTC Executive Meeting Minutes

February 25th, 2014

The Huntsville Track Club held an executive board meeting on February 25th, 2014 at I Love Sushi.  The meeting was called to order by President Eric Fritz at 6:45 pm.

Board Members Present:  Eric Fritz (President), Karen Gelmis (VP – Programs), Alex Clark (VP – Races and Equipment), DeWayne Satterfield (VP – Communications), Regena Moore (Secretary). Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Harold Tinsley (Appointed Member – Past Board Member), Dink Taylor (Appointed Member – Cotton Row Director).

Board Members Absent: Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member – Rocket City Marathon Director)




1.      Promote HTC better/focus on our mission

2.      Produce a more uniform HTC website with daily news feed and Facebook feed that will be managed by DeWayne

3.      Schedule yearly HTC Race Director meeting to discuss being uniform with finances, sponsorships, vendors and services

4.      Membership/Image – offer online membership via the website. It was noted that HTC has an image problem. General public believes they have to be “invited” to become a member. Need to increase our Social Media awareness and make it easier for people to join.

5.      Provide online HTC membership survey – How can we improve the club?

6.      Develop better process for Membership Renewal/Payment collection at meetings

7.      Invite well known, Guest Speakers (runners) to attend the General Meetings. Karen will contact their agents for fees/availability. Runners mentioned: Meb Keflezighi and Billy Mills.



There was some concern expressed by the park about runners using the trails for a race when it is muddy. We discussed options on how we could better address this.  Options included education for the local runners on how to run on them without causing significant damage to the terrain and widening of the trails as well as assisting with trail maintenance and possibly meet with Kent to discuss other ways we can help.  It was noted that the Xterra race this year caused issues due to all the rain.   It was also discussed on how HTC would like to help encourage runners to purchase a yearly park pass. Karen will set up a meeting with Kent for further discussions.




Ø  ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers) UPDATE

HTC has been approached by ASCAP to pay for a license to play/perform music at our events.  Fees are based on the projected number of attendees and will be evaluated on a yearly basis. HTC will also look into possibly obtaining a XM Radio Account to use for some of the races without penalty.



It was discussed that the races provided free to members are probably too inexpensive for non-members and thus diminish the perceived membership value.  Eric will meet with the RD’s of the following races to discuss their entry fees.  Perhaps we provide some additional value for the entry fee increase like a hat/visor/pair of socks/HTC shirt.


·         UAH Spring 10K – 3/2/14 – Ronnie Nelson

·         Rocket Run 10 Miler – 3/15/14 – Valerie Connaughton

·         Harry Williams Track Meet – 5/17/14 – Marty Clarke

·         AL A&M XC – 6/14/14 – James Falcon



Page vs. group? Overall consensus was to close the Group page (as it requires approval to join) and keep the Public Page. Anyone can view or “like” the public HTC Facebook page and the page can even be viewed by non-Facebook users. We will begin transitioning over to the public page including adding all HTC events to provide an alternative Event Calendar.



·         It was discussed on how we should decide which Non-profits and businesses we partner with? It is felt that we need to spend more time researching the Non-profit groups that approaches us to be sure they are legit and find out where exactly the money is going. Are they local or global? Are they HTC members? Perhaps we need to design and follow an Application process and limit how many we work with per year.  Additionally different companies are approaching the club trying to market / sell through the club. e.g. – RacePins –  It was decided that the club did not want to pursue RacePins at the club level, however an individual race may utilize them if they desired. 


·         Discussed how we should support other Non-HTC races that don’t conflict with our race dates? There is a long time concern that HSV Police will begin charging for their services as more and more races are scheduled.







·         Discussed the need to copyright and protect our logos and event names.  The need to research lawyers and this process was brought up.


·         Discussed how we can make our races more compelling to compete with all the local races?   No decisions were made but some general options were discussed.



·         Current Entries = 363

·         Next Committee Meeting – 3/10/14 – Jaycees Bldg – 5:30 pm

·         Hotel & VBC contracts signed

·         New CRR website:

·         2014 Beneficiary – Fallen Officers Memorial and a TBD military based charity



·         Embassy Suites Hotel & VBC contracts signed

·         Space & Rocket Center will host the Friday night dinner

·         Course still in the approval process with City

·         Jill Hadley will return as Kids Marathon RD

·         Registration opens Memorial Day

·         Expo Vendor details TBD

·         Guest Speaker - Dave McGillivray, Boston Marathon Race Director



May 1st – May 4th in Spokane, Washington. Louise Tinsley will be receiving the    Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award.  The Browning Ross Spirit of the RRCA Award was created to honor the memory of the RRCA’s founding member, Browning Ross, who died unexpectedly in April 1998. The award honors an individual who is an unsung hero. These are the people who champion the RRCA tirelessly and enthusiastically, but prefer to stay in the background, letting others bask in the spotlight, just as Browning did. This award recognizes lifetime volunteer service over a period of many years to the running community. Congratulations, Louise!

Next General Membership meeting – TBD – Karen will propose dates for the 2014 meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Submitted: Regena Moore 3/08/14