HTC Executive Board Meeting – 26 February 2007


Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Anne Park (Secretary), Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Rocket City Marathon Director), Dink Taylor (Appointed Member—Co-Cotton Row Run Director), Ashley Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), DeWayne Satterfield, (Appointed Member—Past Officer)


Board Members Absent: Craig Armstrong (VP-Races & Equipment)


Also present was Tom Possert, Huntsville Track Club Member


The HTC Executive Board met in the conference room at Southwood Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama, and HTC president David Purinton opened the meeting at 7:05 p.m.  He then gave the floor to Tom Possert, who distributed entry forms for the new half-marathon race, McKay Hollow Madness, to be held on March 24, 2007 at 7:00 a.m. in Monte Sano State Park.  It was pointed out that over the years many people have wanted this kind of race in the park, since this challenging race would be a good indicator as to whether a runner would be able to run and finish Mountain Mist.  Tom went over the planned course, and then the board discussed how to use the proceeds of this race since Tom wanted them to be used for both the HTC and for a project which would benefit the Monte Sano Trails.  It was decided that for the present the entire proceeds would be deposited in the HTC with the stipulation the half will be for HTC use, and half will be earmarked for a project that would benefit the trails in some way.


There was a discussion concerning the insurance issue, that is, whether this new race could be incorporated under our club insurance at this late date.  In order to ensure that this race will be insured, Suzanne will be talking to her Fleet Feet insurance agent, Harold will email David the insurance form that we typically use to insure races, and David will do some investigating to determine the best way to proceed with this.  DeWayne moved and Kathy seconded that this race be approved as a HTC race with the contingency that there will be insurance coverage by race day.  The motion carried.


The next topic of discussion was the 2008 UAH Spring Road Race.  Ashley had been approached by the director of the UAH Fitness Center regarding having a race in memory of Earl Jacoby, with proceeds being given to the Dialysis Center, which Earl had often mentioned as being very important and dear to him.  The race would begin and end at the UAH Fitness Center, and a possible sponsor has already come forward.  It became apparent that since we already have a race in that general vicinity, the UAH Spring Road Race, it might be reasonable to incorporate these new features into that race.  The Board decided that it would be best if the race director, Conrad Meyer, met with Pat to discuss this possibility, and if Conrad is favorable then we can move forward to decide on how to make this change in time for the 2008 race.  It was also suggested that we explore other causes that might have been important to Earl, as possible future recipients of profits from this race.


Valerie Connaughton, race director for the Rocket Run Ten Miler State Championship race, has received a request from a gentleman who would like to participate in this race as a wheelchair entrant.  The board found no particular deterrents to this since both the course and the applicant were favorably suited to this particular race.  The Board did feel that in the interest of safety it would be advisable that this gentleman have a runner escort during the race, and Kathy Youngren volunteered to provide that service.  Also, the wheelchair athlete will start 2 minutes ahead of the runners.  Ashley moved that we allow this wheelchair entrant to participate in this race, Dink seconded the motion, and the motion passed.


Suzanne gave a report on the 2006 Rocket City marathon.  She has received many favorable comments; the new mile markers were very well received and the entire marathon came off very well.  The Afghanistan marathon also was a great success, and Suzanne received an American Flag and certificate from the Afghanistan marathon organizers in appreciation for our help.  These have been framed and are on display at the Fleet Feet store.  Tentative agreements have been signed with the hotel for the 2008 and 2009 races. 


Dink and Suzanne are moving along with Cotton Row Run preparations.  The web site is being updated by Mike Green, and Harold worked up an ad for Running Journal.  Because of the success of the sale of merchandise during the marathon, Beth Edwards and Suzanne are exploring ideas for merchandise sales at Cotton Row.  It appears that New Balance may be a source for items on which we could put the Cotton Row Run logo.


One brief item of business at this point was Harold’s request for an article and pictures from the Mountain Mist race for inclusion in the HTC Newsletter.  Dink and Suzanne will provide him with this information.


David informed the Board that he would be unable to attend the RRCA convention this year, and he suggested that the HTC send both Harold and Louise to the convention in view of the honor bestowed on Harold as recipient of the 2006 RRCA Browning Ross award.  The Board was unanimously in favor of this decision.  Harold then presented the Board with a few problems being experienced by the RRCA organization.  The RRCA Legal Committee advised the RRCA National Office against signing a contract that would have given away the rights to Footnotes to get it published again that could have been a potentially financial devastation to the RRCA.  The Legal Committee was then dissolved by the RRCA President without prior consultation with the Legal Committee or other members of the RRCA Board.  The HTC Board also discussed the unsolicited mail members received from a company named Metrastar Auto and Home Insurance that had been endorsed by the RRCA.  Our primary concern is that it appears the RRCA had provided the HTC mailing list to a third party with out the club’s knowledge or consent.  Harold will check this out while at the convention.


Then next item of business involved the many requests which David and Suzanne receive from people asking the HTC to help them organize a race.  Well-meaning people often are of the opinion that putting on a race would be a simple way to greatly benefit a charity.  Because of the frequency of these requests, David asked for suggestions for ways to simplify the handling of these inquiries.  Harold suggested that information regarding expenses vs. income from races would be an eye-opener, and Suzanne said she has written up a 3-page timeline which shows how much is involved in directing a race.  David and Suzanne will merge their ideas and come up with something tangible to present to future inquirers.


There were a few more quick items of business:


·         Craig has informed the Board the he is having the locks changed on our storage shed because keys have not been returned and now there are too many keys in unknown hands.  It might be advisable to invest in keys which cannot be duplicated.

·         Dave requested that Kathy check over the books and report on receipt of donation monies from the Liz Hurley Ribbon Run since its inception.

·         Because of confusion involving the scoring of Grand Prix points for late renewals of membership dues and mid-year new memberships, the Board had decided to make a slight change in the handbook explaining how points are awarded, and David presented the Board with the following new proposed wording:


2 – Eligibility will be limited to HTC members.  Individuals who join at any time during the calendar year (new membership) will be eligible to score in any events on or after the day their membership is entered into the club database.  Current members who renew their membership before March 1 are eligible for the entire Grand Prix year.  Current members who renew after March 1 are eligible for all applicable races prior to March 1 and races after date of renewal but are not eligible for races between March 1 and date of renewal.


This new wording in no way changes the present policy but renders the policy more understandable.  DeWayne moved and Harold seconded that we accept the new wording in the Handbook, and the motion carried unanimously.


·         The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame has contacted Jim Oaks with news that David McKannan will be inducted into the hall of fame this year.  It was decided that we should again place a congratulatory ad in the Hall of Fame program as we did for Malcolm Gillis last year.  Harold moved that we place a half page ad in the program, DeWayne seconded the motion and the motion passed.


·         Ashley mentioned that preparations are being made for the annual golf tournament to benefit the UAH Track Club, and she requested that we again make a donation to sponsor this effort as we do every year.  Ashley moved and Suzanne seconded this motion, and the motion carried.


Since there was no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.