HTC Meeting – 21 January 2003




Board Members Present:  David Purinton (President), David Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Richard Rodenhausen (VP-Races & Equipment), Clare Purinton (Secretary), Jim Oaks (Appointed member – Cotton Row Director), and John Roberts (Appointed Member).


Board Members Absent: Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member – Rocket City Marathon Director)


Guests Present:  Louise Tinsley.



The meeting began at 6:45 PM


David opened the meeting by stating that the HTC domain name had been renewed for five years.


Discussion of the Rocket City Marathon began.  Malcolm Gillis had stated at the general meeting that he would be taking a one-year sabbatical from directing the RCM, but following the sabbatical he would like to return to directorship.  It was decided that we could not ask someone to take over the marathon for one year and then have Malcolm resume his responsibilities.  Discussion focused on either finding a permanent replacement or folding the marathon.  Topics of concern focused on finding a director who had adequate time and the necessary organizational skills to direct a major event like the marathon.  There was also extensive discussion about reoccurring traffic concerns and the complaints received by the city government, and the contract signed by the HTC with the City of Huntsville and the club's obligation to host the marathon.


Discussion then moved to a possible date change for the Monte Sano 15K.  To avoid police conflict with Alabama A&M’s Homecoming we may need to change the race date to the second Sunday in October or the third Saturday in October.  As more information from A&M comes available, this discussion will be revisited and a suitable date determined.


The RRCA/AARC meetings were discussed and it was stated that there was probably no need for David to attend the RRCA convention in Washington the first week in April.  If the situation changes within the RRCA that decision can be readdressed.


Discussion then focused on the Rocket City Half Marathon and concerns from the race director involving overall/masters awards.  It was determined that a standard needs to be followed by all races in regard to award determination when a masters runner wins the race overall.  David said that he would discuss the issue with Mike Allen who had some thoughts on the matter.  It was also questioned whether the name for the race was too long or was confusing runners who were trying to register for the marathon.  It was decided that the name would stay the same until the club knows that status of the Rocket City Marathon.  Additionally, it was decided that the race director could determine how to award participants.  It was left to the race director’s discretion whether to continue with five-year age groups and go with a less costly award or to begin the practice to ten-year age groups in the 5K event.  The race director had stated that due to lower numbers in the 5K, ¾ of the participants received awards.


The question of fee waivers was discussed in reference to a request by an HTC Coordinator who asked if that position could be afforded the same benefit of waived race fees and HTC dues as received by race directors and board members.  After extensive discussion it was decided that all positions within the HTC are volunteer and a distinction needed to be made somewhere.  Therefore, it was decided that only race directors and board members would receive waived fees as a benefit for their leadership efforts and hours of work required throughout the course of the year.  It was stressed that there are many club members who volunteer a great many hours to the club but if a clear line was not drawn it would be difficult not to hurt some members with apparent random decisions.


The topic then shifted as to what requirements constitute the top HTC finisher in the marathon.  It was determined that the board needed to give race directors guidance in this area and that in general:


LOCAL – Means Madison County

HTC – Can live anywhere but must be a member in good standing

LOCAL/HTC – A member who lives in Madison County


It was also stated that if an award is going to be presented based on residency or HTC affiliation, then it needed to be clearly stated on the entry form and proper information received from the participant.  David took an action item to generate detailed definitions of the above terms.


Information on various races was then presented.  Clare Purinton stated that she was stepping down from her position as race director for the Recreation Run 5K and had asked Kim Foss to assume race-directing responsibilities with Lisa Parker.  Kim was voted on and approved by the board.  Also, Keith and Tracy Roberts asked that Eurocorss be changed to a once a year race.  It was agreed and the date of June 7th was approved.  Richard Rodenhausen confirmed that all parade permits have been filed with the city.


Clare Purinton presented an idea from Anne Park called the “Shoe Amnesty Program” in which Nike recycles old running shoes.  Anne wants to have a bin at all HTC races and will handle the transport of shoes to Nike.  It was decided that this program was very worthwhile and that Anne will coordinate the effort.


Jean Grotophorst volunteered to take over the Adopt-A-Mile program.


David adjourned the meeting at 9:05 PM.