HTC Annual Business Meeting and Officer Elections - 20 January 2004

Board Members Present: David Purinton (President), David Cain (VP-Programs), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Anne Park (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member-Rocket City Marathon Director), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member-Cotton Row Director). Thirty-five Huntsville Track Club members were also present.


Board Members Absent: Richard Rodenhausen (VP-Races & Equipment) John Roberts (Appointed Member)


The Huntsville Track Club Annual Business meeting was held at Papa Lovetti’s, with the meeting opening at 7:20 p.m.  David began with a synopsis of all the 2003 Executive Board Meetings as outlined on handouts provided, and since there were no questions or comments he turned the meeting over to Kathy who presented a Treasurer’s Report on the year’s activities.  Income was approximately $33,320 and expenses $20,680 showing a $12,640 excess carryover.  The past two years have seen an increase in income over recent years due primarily to the profitability of new races such as the Galaxy of Lights.  A handout listed all expenditures and income for 2003 including an accounting of each HTC race.


We then were informed regarding upcoming races:  Beth Edwards reported that Winter Winds registration is underway, January 31 being the cutoff date before the price increase.  Packet pickup, including late registration, will be at Fleet Feet the day before the race.


Jim Oaks reported that the Ball Park Run will be held in April rather than in August this year and in the afternoon rather than evening.  Regarding the Cotton Row Run, due to the loss of WZYP sponsorship after the 2003 race, we were fortunate that Mercedes, through the efforts of Ryan Hensley, comptroller, and Tony Rapucci, general Manager, of Regal Auto Plaza agreed to pick up sponsorship.  The T-shirts will have a new and attractive design provided by a local artist, flyers will be out soon, on-line registration is ready, and the 10K and 5K course start and finish changes are acceptable with the Police Department.


Suzanne Taylor reported that Mountain Mist is ready to go forward this coming Saturday, January 24, but they could still use helpers at the beginning and end of the race.


There being no further business, the meeting was turned over to Gary Grace, Nominating Committee Chairman, who presented a slate of officers and called for additional nominations from the floor.  Ballots were distributed and the vote was taken.  The following HTC members were accepted as officers for a 2004-2005 term:


President – David Purinton

VP-Programs – Ashley Cain

VP-Races/Equipment – Dick Franklin

VP-Communications/Membership – Harold Tinsley

Treasurer – Kathy Youngren

Secretary – Anne Park


There was no further business, and the meeting adjourned at 8:00


After the Annual Business/Election Meeting meeting, the incoming HTC Executive Board met briefly to discuss the Track Club and Huntsville Hospital Foundation proposed race.


Those present were David Purinton (President), Harold Tinsley (VP-Communications), Dick Franklin (VP-Races/Equipment), Anne Park (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Malcolm Gillis (Appointed Member-Rocket City Marathon Director), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member-Cotton Row Director)


This meeting was necessitated by the fact that the race director stepped down, requiring that the board reassess our involvement and decide how to proceed since the Hospital needs a decision from us to be able to move ahead in capturing sponsorship dollars during the present optimum period. 


David provided an overview of how this proposed partnership has developed so far.  It was agreed that a crucial element in our decision to go forward with this project rests upon securing a new race director.  It’s possible that Huntsville Hospital has someone in mind, and Harold and David came up with a few names of experienced HTC members who might have a heart for this race and therefore be willing to step forward as Race Director.


Harold concluded that if the HHF can provide a race director who would be willing to take guidance from the HTC Board then we should be able to commit to this partnership. 


Several items were touched upon briefly:


·         It would be advisable not to press the HHF to invest in a chip system the first year of the race.

·         By changing the race course we may be able to convince Sergeant Shahan to trade a Franklin start for our not crossing California, since leaving California open would ease the need for keeping Franklin open.

·         Jim suggested that since the Hospital takes such a major role each year in supporting our Autumn Chase Run we have more reason to join with them in this venture.

·         Dick suggested that if the HHF provides a race director it must be someone who is willing to put a lot of time into it and provide most of the man-power from their end, thus enabling us to be effective advisors.


The general consensus was positive, and David agreed to get in touch with the Hospital, determine what their plans are, and present his findings to the Board so that a decision can be reached.


Malcolm brought up a final item of business, requesting that he be permitted to move the Marathon account to the Redstone Federal Credit Union due to confusion with our present bank concerning our different accounts with them.  Since the HTC is a member of the Land Trust, this should be workable.  Malcolm agreed to research this move, and the board agreed to discuss all accounts at our next board meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.