July 24, 2013


Board Members Present:  Eric Fritz (President), Harold Tinsley (VP – Communications), Joey Butler (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Dink Taylor (VP – Races and Equipment), Karen Gelmis (VP – Programs), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member – Past Board Member) and Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member – Co- Rocket City Marathon Director).


The Huntsville Track Club held an executive board meeting on Wednesday July 24, 2013 at El Olmeca.  Eric opened the meeting at 6:45pm.  The following topics were discussed:


The board discussed the headphone policy.  This has been a topic for many years.  Eric proposed and Suzanne seconded a motion to strongly discourage headphone usage in all track club events.  If an individual race director (RD) would like to ban headphones for their race, they are to work with the board on how to do that.  The board feels it important to keep consistency between all events as much as possible.  The vote was 7 for and 1 against.  The motion passed.


Conrad Meyer is stepping down as RD of the UAH 10K.  Eric made a motion to appoint Ronnie Nelson as the new RD.  The motion passed unanimously.  There was a brief discussion on moving to course back to the old location which would start at Spragins Hall.  Eric will bring this up with Ronnie.


Karen shared with the board plans to have Huntsville City Mayor Tommy Battle speak at our next general meeting.  The board agreed this was a great idea.  Both the board and the Mayor would like to discuss the Healthy Huntsville initiative and how the HTC and City can work together on this. The board would also like to share with the mayor how much revenue our races bring into the city.  Karen will work to set up a meeting time.


The board discussed doing a survey with the general membership.  Questions under consideration would include: What are you favorite races, what do you want to see in the website and any changes to existing races.  The goal would be to keep number of questions to 10.  The board will continue to work on this idea.


Suzanne and Eric met with Don Dukemineer and Van Brown of the Huntsville Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).  From this meeting, Suzanne is now working with more hotels in the city so that we can show the CVB how much money is being generated by the marathon.  She is also working to make a “City Pass” available to visitors for the marathon.  This would provide discounted entry to city attractions such as the Space and Rocket Center, Early Works Museum, and Constitution Village.


Suzanne proposed having three charities for the 2013 marathon.  They are Land Trust of Huntsville, Habitat for Humanity, and National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC) The vote was unanimous and the motion passed.


Jill from Fleet Feet would like to lead the Kid’s Marathon in conjunction with the Rocket City Marathon.  This would involve having kids run miles throughout the fall at their school.  They would need to record 25 miles before the marathon.  Then on the day of Rocket City, the kids would run 1.2 miles, possibly around Big Spring Park, to finish their marathon.  The board voted and approved to support this effort.  The board is currently working with Jill to finalize the details.  The program would kick off in conjunction with the Autumn Chase event in September.


Suzanne gave an update from Cotton Row:


·     Candace Burke and Rick Doke are going to work on contracts for vendors at the Cotton Row and Marathon expos.  We will tailor the language similar to how Mercedes Marathon currently does this.


·     Finances are not complete but it appears that the race made approximately $50K this year.


·     Suzanne proposed and Kathy seconded a motion to donate $5K to the Fallen Officer’s Memorial.  The motion passed unanimously.


·     The board will research making a donation to HEMSI.  The board isn’t sure if HEMSI is set up to accept donations that would directly go to the local group.  HEMSI is a long time supporter of the HTC and the board would like to show our appreciation.


·     Dink proposed giving $5K or $10K to anyone setting the course record.  This could be a way to attract more top runners and also get more publicity.  This was discussed but no action taken.


Next topic was conflicting events on same weekend.  A proposal was made to put in writing that the HTC will not support races on the same weekend and holidays as an HTC race.  Suzanne seconded the motion and all approved.


Jim gave an update of the new chip timing system.  A discussion was made of how much to charge non-HTC races for using the system. (The system would only be rented if Jim or Carl were timing a race).  Jim will look at what others are charging for this service and report back to the board.


The last topic was HTC scholarships.  Jacob Fuller was awarded a scholarship previously but is transferring schools.  His previous school could not accept the scholarship but the new school can.  The discussion focused on if the club could still give Jacob a scholarship since it was initially not used.  Joey was given an action to go back in the minutes to see what the board had originally offered, but the board agreed that since he was originally awarded a 4-year scholarship, he would be eligible for any remaining years he had.  It is believed that this is 1 or 2 years remaining.


With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 8:48.