February 26, 2013


Board Members Present:  Eric Fritz (President), Harold Tinsley (VP – Communications), Joey Butler (Secretary), Kathy Youngren (Treasurer), Dink Taylor (VP – Races and Equipment), Jim Oaks (Appointed Member – Past Board Member) and Suzanne Taylor (Appointed Member – Co- Rocket City Marathon Director).


The Huntsville Track Club held an executive board meeting on Tuesday February 26, 2013 at the Fern Bell Park.  Eric opened the meeting at 6:30pm.  The following topics were discussed:


Craig Armstrong informed the board that the Troy University head cross-country (XC) coach is interested in speaking with local XC runners.  The topic would be what it is really like to run at the collegiate level.  Craig asked the HTC for assistance in setting up this event.  The board discussed dates, locations, flyers, meals, NCAA rules, and possible other speakers.  More details will be worked after the board meeting but the HTC is interested in helping with this event.


The board discussed a proposal to provide more support to the Huntsville Cross Country Metro meet.  Suzanne proposed and Jim seconded a motion to donate $500 and be more involved in recruiting volunteers for the Metro meet.  The proposal was passed unanimously.


A proposal was made to add Tony Scott as co-Race Director for the Recover from the Holidays 50K.  The motion was passed unanimously without discussion.


The board discussed a proposal that was presented at the annual business meeting by Josh Kennedy.  The proposal was for the HTC to operate an aid station at the Pinhoti 100 mile race in early November.  Suzanne proposed and Jim seconded that the HTC appoint Josh Kennedy as aid station leader for this event and that the HTC work to recruit volunteers to help work the aid station.  The proposal passed unanimously.


Eric showed the board the new course for the Cookie Dash 5K.  John DeHaye is in the process of certifying the course and it should be ready in time for the race in April.


The next topic was the Ribbon Run.  Jim shared that he and Eric have had discussions with the race director about using start corrals.  No decision has been made on that issue.  The HTC normally receives $5K from the Huntsville Hospital Foundation to put on the Ribbon Run.  Jim made a motion and Suzanne seconded that the HTC donate the $5K back to the foundation.  The motion passed unanimously.  The board also briefly discussed having an HTC booth at the Ribbon Run expo and possibly having the HTC race directors take the lead for this effort.  More discussions are to come on this topic.


Jim shared information about the new chip timing system the HTC has purchased.  The board discussed when we would start using the system, who will be trained to use it, and what races will use this system.  The HTC hopes to begin testing this system very soon, possibly as soon as the Scholarship Fund Run 8K. 


Headphones were discussed again as a result of opinions heard at the recent Race Directors’ meeting held at the Monte Sano Lodge on February 5, 2013, with the HTC Board and 16 race directors present.  Discussions primarily center on whether to totally prohibit headphones or to strongly discourage them.  The issue was tabled until a later date.


The board discussed a proposal from a member concerning the website and our online presence.  The board is currently trying to create a team to evaluate our website and other online tools such as Facebook or Twitter.  The board tabled the proposal until after this team meets and makes their recommendations.


The last discussion dealt with a marathon bank account created by a past race director.  The board discussed specifics of the funds in the account and how/where to transfer these funds.  No final decision was made.


With no other business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45. 


Recent topics discussed via email include:


The board voted to sign a 2-year agreement with that allows all HTC races to receive better, more consistent pricing in regards to fees for online race registration.


The board voted to purchase a chip timing system from Chronotrack.  The board allocated $7745.85 to purchase two Mini Track systems.


A race director’s meeting was held February 5, 2013 at Monte Sano State Park.  In short, the meeting was about how we can all work better together as a club.